Let me tell you about my saturday.

I woke up a bit late, found a missed call from my friend Mawi, called her back, and decided to go out for lunch and a walk somewhere.

At the bust stop I met a first year Journalism student. We spoke about residence, university, programs, OC tanspo, bus passes. That’s about it.  We sat adjacent to eachother, and didn’t really talk much on the bus.

About ten minutes into the bust ride, an old man looked at me and asked “Excuse me, is this your wallet?” pointing under my chair. I looked down, and there was a grey wallet. I picked it up, looked at the contents, and did not recognize the girl to be anyone I know, nor anyone that was just seated next to me.
I looked to my new friend, and she said we should just put it in the lost and found at carleton. She said she could take it since she will be back on campus. I relecutantly said sure and gave it to her. Then remembered she said she’s going back home to Kingston today. I asked her about that, and she said it wasn’t until 5pm. I said oh, okay. Well you’re better off trying to find her on facebook/social media before you hand it to the lost and found where it may be lost and never found. She said since I am leaving tonight, I think you’re better for the job and handed me the wallet back. Also thinking that OC transpo’s lost and found wouldn’t be of help or conviencience since it’s a long weekend as well.

Over lunch I told my friend the story, and how the wallet has every piece of identification you could think of – health card, student card, bus pass, social insurance number, library cards…. Everything really.
I found the girls name rather odd, as I have never heard it before, Mawi recognized the name to be familar within a certain ethnic background. With mawi saying that,  it stuck with me.

I tried to find the girl on facebook with no luck, linkedin, google, nothing. I tried calling residence asking if she lived there, no luck. I tried a couple of contact numbers that were on recripets in the wallet, no luck, they were both disconnected.
I was really losing hope. So I decided to contact someone I know in the university’s registrar’s office, asking if they’ll be able to give me someone’s e-mail if I provided a name and student number, and explained the situation to them.  They still haven’t replied as it’s the weekend.
I sent that Email out, then got ready for bed. Then I suddenly thought of one person from the same ethnic background, and I do know many, but just this one girl popped in my head.  A girl I see around and say hi bye to, but haven’t really spoken to properly/personally since 2nd year.
I send her a message, telling her this is random, but do you know a girl by this name that goes to our school? I found her wallet and I don’t know how to get in touch with her. This is what she replies with:

OMG YEAH!!! Thats my cousin!!!! Thats ridiculous! We are going to a family breakfast and she might be there!! i have to go to work but can you call my sister to let her know you found it?!!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

So I guess having 700+ friends on facebook did someone somewhere some good. 🙂


غريب، أأنتَ من كتبه الشّعراء؟

غريب، لِمَ تغيّرت أحلامي واختلفت نفسي وانطبقت أرضي على سمائي من نظرةٍ واحدة؟

غريب، لِمَ أتمسّك بكل شيءٍ يربطني بك وإن كان حزني وهلاكي؟

غريب، لِمَ ترتجف أطراف أصابعي وتحترق روحي وأغوص بنفسي عند سماع اسمك؟

!غريب، كيف استطاع زرع هذه المشاعر والأفكار بي؟ فهي ليست لي

غريب، كيف استطاع أن يجعلني أعشق السّهر؟ ولِمَ كُتبَ علي من بداية الدّهر؟ ومن جعله أغلى من جميع البشر؟

غريب، لِمَ لا يزورك ما يزورني من العشقِ والجنون؟

غريب، لِمَ أشعر أني أشهد ولادتي كلّما رأيتك؟

.ولكن الغريب، أنك يا غريب، أصبحت من القلب قريب، بشكلٍ مُفاجئٍ وعجيب

فيصل الحبيني


Law of Attraction?

This is my grandfather

This is my grandfather

My grandfather got an extremely unexpected stroke 3 days before August 1st. Not that strokes are ever expected, but for a man his age, his health and doing his activities — it was unexpected.
Let’s go back to a week or two before anything happened to him.
Sitting across from him at our kitchen table, he had just gotten up from a nap, and we were both having a little snack alone. We spoke about a lot of things that day… Life, accomplishments, regrets, marriage, his marriage, their mistakes, forgiveness, feelings, school, siblings, everything really. He’s always been a buddy to all the grandchildren – so long you didn’t smoke! Ohh! He also got introduced to the iPad, he was too cute with his curiosity and fascination with it.
Then with tears filling his eyes, and mine, my grandfather told one of his (current) biggest fears in life.
What was my grandfathers biggest fear at his age? To have any sort of disability that causes him to need to rely on anyone and/or anything but him self. I don’t think I have ever seen my grandfather cry before this.

so! This is my grandfathers biggest fear. Two weeks later, my grandfather gets a blood clot in his brain the size of a quarter. He can’t feel his left side. He can barely mumble words. He can’t eat anything through his mouth. He is bed ridden, yet aware of everything and everyone around him. That healthy 85+ year old man that used to call a 200Km trip a “day trip,” drive his grandchildren around, go grocery shopping, walk/jog for 3km almost daily, dress him self, fix meals for the whole family. His fear came true.

I was laying in bed awake a couple of nights ago thinking about the mind and how powerful it is/can be. I couldn’t help but wonder, did he really make his fear come true because he was so focused on it? Is it possible to think things to reality? Does having a positive outlook on things really change it? Why is it mostly people that talk about sickness are sick? People that consider failing fail? Does the law of attraction really exist? Intention-manifestation? Are emotions strong enough to work as a compass in our daily lives?

Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic is a Chilian man with 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts on his body.

4,000 dollars spent on the tattoos, and God knows how much on buying lottery tickets all in hope of going to america to meet his idol. I wonder if she knows about this die-hard fan.

tell me how it was


Neat ad/idea, but i still support the old fashioned way considering gmail recently crashed for some people, and how unreliable technology can be sometimes.

As girls come of age sexually, the culture gives them impossibly contradictory messages…. Somehow girls are supposed to be innocent and seductive, virginal and experienced, all at the same time. As they quickly learn, this is tricky. Females have long been divided into virgins and whores, of course. What is new is that girls are now supposed to embody both within themselves. This is symbolic of the central contradiction of the culture—we must work hard and produce and achieve success and yet, at the same time, we are encouraged to live impulsively, spend a lot of money, and be constantly and immediately gratified. This tension is reflected in our attitudes toward many things, including sex and eating. Girls are promised fulfillment both through being thin and through eating rich foods, just as they are promised fulfillment through being innocent and virginal and through wild and impulsive sex…. The emphasis for girls and women is always on being desirable, not on experiencing desire…. advertisers can’t conceive of a kind of power that isn’t manipulative and exploitive or a way that women can be actively sexual without being like traditional men…. A young woman seems to have only two choices: She can bury her sexual self, be a ‘good girl,’ give in to what Carol Gilligan terms ‘the tyranny of nice and kind’ (and numb the pain by overeating or starving or cutting herself or drinking heavily). Or she can become a rebel—flaunt her sexuality, seduce inappropriate partners, smoke, drink flamboyantly, use other drugs. Both of these responses are self-destructive, but they begin as an attempt to survive, not to self-destruct.

— Jean Kilbourne

It was the best

My curfew was the sunset. My mom called my name, not my cell… I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn’t eat what my mom cooked, then I didn’t eat. Sanitizer didn’t exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap. I rode a bike without a helmet, getting dirty… was OK,… and neighbors kept you in “check” as much as your parents did, and I drank from a garden hose and survived